Dreams don't work unless you do

My goal is to enjoy life as it comes at first, but I will try to reach out for more in life as opportunities come by. If you work hard, set clear goals and give all you have there is nothing you can’t reach.

For me the most important is to love what I do. This is the key element to success if you want to reach your goals. I will try and learn from my mistakes as I go, never giving up. Want to know more about me and what I do? Let’s get in touch!

What drives me

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.”


The main focus in my professional life has always been marketing & business development. I think the strength is my creativity and the capability to understand the bigger picture. With my skills I can see potential opportunities and make the best choices business wise for both our customers and ourself.


I have been involved in quite a few racing projects over the years via our platform Trackside Legends. We have been working on websites, social media, strategy, content creation and more for motorsports related brands. These projects brought me into motorsport paddocks around the world.


I love to fully create and control my own content, so I can use it for our customers, my network and our social media channels. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of photography and the real story behind pictures. When I’m at big events or international race tracks, I just see the settings I want to shoot.


If you can win it I'm in it. We should become influencers, really!


Licensed to race. Some even say I should be in F1. LOve to drive for fun.


Not that quick though. I should spend more time on online racing.


There is nothing we love more than getting close to the action of motorsports. That is why Jeroen van Kesteren & I founded Trackside Legends. With our experience and skills in marketing we can be a very useful asset for every motorsports related company. Name it and we can do it, we can make it happen.

F1 Racereporter

After every Grand Prix you can listen to me in the RaceReporter podcast together with Lucas DegenJeroen Demmendaal and Jeroen Scholte. We talk about the latest news in Formula 1, F1 gossip, the future of Formula 1 and fun / historical facts.

Find all episodes on the RaceReporter website

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